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Hello Everyone and welcome to my Smart Guitar Accessories website. Playing guitar has been a passion since I was 14 years old, I have purchased numerous courses and accessories to improve my skills, techniques and of course instrument set up.

Time has always been a limit to my practice but as soon as I had free time I fully dedicated it to learn new tricks or test new stuff.

I would now like to share my experience with you all. Since the first time I practiced a guitar, I have always focused on techniques, having a rocker soul for me was and still is very important. knowing the basics was a foundation for me and helped me perfect my techniques.

Practice, practice and practice

Practicing is the core guitar playing, there are talented ones born like this, but that was not my case. Whenever I had the chance my priority was always to study and learn new and cool stuff. Once grow up the time to dedicate to the guitar decreased a lot and for me was a must to really steal the time from my daily routing in order to enjoy my passion.

The Guitar player 2.0

At the beginning there was just an electric guitar, one pedal, pre-amp and amp, today there are dozen of gadgets and courses that make life simple and practicing’m going to show the majority of them.

No more talk

Let’s start to look around, I hope you might find some good and useful trick/link on this web site. If you have something to share back I would be happy to hear your experience.

To your bleeding fingers

Benny F.Beringer

Smart Guitar Accessories


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