Best Guitar Headphone amp, here revealed my choice!

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here I talk about the guitar headphone amp. Sooner or later every guitarist has a long-standing problem: neighbors. When I made the transition from classical to electric guitar the only way to hear its sound was to connect the instrument to an amplifier and play. Unfortunately not all of them were always in agreement, and at the beginning I was certainly not as good as Joe Satriani. Often it was necessary to untangle a bundle of cables, connect kilometers of wires and headphones and in the end succeed in exercising only for only 15 minutes on the 30 available per day.

Luckily Vox has solved the Problem

With the Amplug2, VOX has confirmed what has been done well in the past and brought the experience of sound on the go to the highest levels. The pocket amplifier allows you to play in headphones at any time of day or night! Compared to the previous version it has grown and now has a more refined and versatile sound, with integrated effects but above all with the adjustable jack.

Tiny & Mighty

Size should not be misleading, although a first sight may look like a lighter the substance is different! The case is in black plastic, adjustable on the horizontal axis in four positions, green LED on / off, three controls for Gain, Tone and Volume, bracelet output, aux input and two flavors. The accompanying manual is exhaustive where the option for chorus, echo and reverb are explained in details. Pressing them together can have factory settings.

The Amplug is powered by two AAA batteries and the VOX guarantees at least 15 hours but I admit to having used it for more time without showing signs of slowing down. Sound is truly spectacular, clean, crystal clear, defined and not confined as one might expect. Personally I recommend it to all those who want to have fun without bothering their neighbors or, as in my case, to wake the little ones sleeping in the next room. Hearing is an important sense and therefore I recommend placing the volume on 7.


As big as a normal key ring, the Amplug 2 Vox completely updates the analog circuitry making the sound cleaner and more present, very similar to a tube amp, all with an invaluable value for money.

  • 3 controls (gain, tone, volume)
  • Aux in
  • Headphone input
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
  • Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 3.1 ounces
  • Price: $44.80
  • Cheapest place to Buy:
  • My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Guitar Headphone: Vox Amplug Family

I described the AC30 model but the family is much wider and there is also the bass version. Below the various models with the link where I found the best price.

VOX Amplug Blues 
VOX Amplug Classic Rock
VOX Amplug Clean
VOX Amplug Lead
VOX Amplug Metal
VOX Amplug Bass

What else

I own the AC30 and the Classic Rock and enjoyed very much. Thank to this device I was able to avoid unpleasant discussions with my sweet wife.

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Different Guitar Styles

guitar styles

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let’s talk about different guitar styles.  Even if guitarist has his own style of playing the guitar, we can classify them into ten categories. These styles, or categories, if you prefer, have developed over the years, especially with the advent of electricity. Below the main ones according to my point of view.

Different Guitar Styles

The Blues

Blues is the basis of modern guitar styles. The sound is very recognizable and can almost always be traced back to the same rhythm. Many say that to play the blues you must have a dark and sad soul, in fact often the blues is combined with moods and love such as anger, anger, but also hope. Rhythmically the blues can be traced back to the progression of 3 chords, 12 measures and a specific tempo. There are no real techniques to learn but it is clearly advisable to know the bottleneck to create a lot of warm and vibrant. My absolute favorite is definitely B.B. King with his inseparable Lucille.

The Rock’n’Roll

Rock and roll can be defined as a direct descendant of blues and rhythm and blues. Appeared in the 50s in the United States, where he found in the immense Chuck Berry. He was one of the founding fathers who pushed this musical style and gave a new dimension to the music scene of the time. Normally the best guitars for this genre are the vintage half case or the “solid-body”. The rock’n’roll, over the years has never changed, he did and continues to make so many lovers of good rhythm dance. Usually you have to equip yourself with powerful amplifiers and almost always without any pedal except for some cases where you can recognize the use of reverb in the songs. The rhythm is rapid and syncopated to favor very decisive sounds.

The Rock

Rock is the quintessential style for every guitarist. It is a very easy and intuitive style to learn and it is with this style that true legends have been created (Page, Hendrix to name just a couple). The style is minimalist: few chords, usually derived from the blues, and a very powerful sound. Here too, the key to success lies in good and powerful iconic or not electric amps and guitars. The most used effects in this genre are the “FUZZ” and the “WHA-WHA”.

The Hard Rock

Along with heavy metal (further on) this is my favorite genre. This genre developed from rock, exaggerating the feeling of rebellion. Many world bands are recognized above all for the iconic guitarists and their sound. The list could be endless but surely those who approach this genre certainly know the AC / DC, the Black Sabbath, the Led Zeppelin. Knowing how to play hard rock requires mastering the basics of the guitar and pushing them to the extreme limits using distortions and powerful sounds. The riffs are heavier, have different distortions, the volume is extremely out of nature and also the posture is different by moving the instrument downwards.

The Heavy Metal

Yet another extreme, the base is the hard rock and from here we start with even harder sounds and heavier riffs. Heavy metal also has a correlation with classical music, guitarists of this genre are the undisputed masters of all the techniques that reproduce at crazy speeds, over the years heavy metal has given birth to numerous genres. The sound of heavy metal is mainly full of powerful distortions, syncopated rhythms and variations inside that alternate several times within a single song.

The Funk

Quite different, funk is a musical style that brings grooves to the rhythm. Groove and rhythm are the distinctive elements of this musical genre. Besides the basic notions one must to play the funk is to master the rhythm. Precisely this particular makes it special and in this case it takes a lot of practice with the metronome. Especially for the right hand that controls precisely the rhythm of the rhythm / groove. The most used effects are without a doubt the Wha-Wha and / or the Phaser.

The Reggae

This style sees in Bob Marley a real icon that has cleared this genre all over the world and has not limited it to the Caribbean islands from which it originates. Generally played with the pick, the right hand dictates timing and counter-time while the left is used to stop the sound in order to create the syncopated sound trademark of this genre.

The Country

This style is mainly American and distinctive of the southern States. It is essential to know how to use the pick. The sound is recognizable thanks to its chords, rhythms and above all the strings that must preferably be of metal.

The Jazz

It is certainly one of the bases of all contemporary music. The best guitars are usually the “solid-body”. This style has introduced full-fledged improvisation in music. Using amplifiers with a clear sound but powerful and generally without effects. You need to have an expert level to try your hand at this genre since it is practically based on improvisation.

The Pop

Last but not least, pop. Born from the folk movement in the United States, he later adapted to the contemporary style. Most famous current is that of the Brit-Pop in which you can include groups such as: The Beatles, Genesis, The Police or Oasis that have become famous all over the world. Pop music derives from the arrangements of rock, especially modifying its effects.

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